George Wise Virtual Art Gallery

My name is George Wise and I have been an independent artist for over 30 years. These 100 images are from paintings and drawings I have done. They are all available as hand signed 8x10 prints, ready for a standard 8x10 frame. I would be happy to personalize the prints to whomever you like at no extra charge. The prints are available for $9.00 each, 3 for $15.00 and 5 for $20.00. Shipping is FREE for U.S. orders and $6.00 per order worldwide. I would be happy to accept your check or Pay Pal payment, Info below. If you have any questions please e-mail me or give me a call. If you are interested in having me do a painting or drawing for you I would be happy to work with you. Originals start at around $25.00 depending on size, media and subject.

Thanks for your interest in my work.

George Wise
1834 Whitewater St.
Pocatello, ID 83204
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Yellowstone Buffalo

800lbs of Bad Ass

A Christmas Eve

A Lot of Moose

Fall Moose Study


After the Rain

Afternoon Camp

Along the Quiet Beach

At the Waters Edge

Autmn Rain

Bald Eagle

Beaver Man


Black Bear Watercolor

Black Wolf

Broken Silence

Bull Moose

Calling The Herd

Canada Geese at Farm

Canada Goose Watercolor

Cast Away


Elephant Watercolor

Elephants Sketch

Elk Felt Tip Sketch



Evening Flight - Bald Eagle

Evening Stroll

Evening Tetons

Fall Day - Covered Bridge

Farm Pheasant

First Cast

First Date - White Moose

Fishin' Bear

Fishing Time

Fishing Watercolor Sketch #1

Fishing watercolor Sketch #3

Flower Watercolor Sketch #5

Fly Fishing

Flyaway Stopover Malard-Detail

Following Mom


Grizzly Bear Watercolor Sketch #2

Home From the Field

Icy Waters - Covered Bridge


Just Waiting

Living Free - Wolves

Maria Sitting

Meal Time

Memories - Detail

Midwinter Mule Deer - Detail

Misty Moose

Moose Cabin

Moose in Field

Moose Pencil Sketch #2

Moose Pond

Moose Watercolor Sketch #4

Moose Watercolor Sketch


New Baby Elephant

New Dawn

Nude Watercolor Sketch #8

Ol' #25

Old Covered Bridge

Oregon Sunset

Packin' In

Pheasant Flight


Quiet Landing - Mallards

Quiet Times

Rooster Pheasant - Winter

Rose and Butterfly


Sad Eyes

Saint Josephs


Sharing - Elephant Sketch


Sitting Bull


Snuggling Mom

Spring Splendor - Buffalo

Startled - Detail

Still and Silent Moose

Sunset Landing - Camada Geese

Sunset Landing - Mallards

Sunset Surf

Swattin' Flies

Teton Camp

Teton Travelers

The Answer - Elk

The Messenger

The Protectors

Watering Hole - Bear

What's Up - Moose


Winters Eve

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